Ok, I CAN do this!

Ok, so here goes this is my first blog post and to say I am a little scared is an understatement. But what have I got to lose?!20160612_203345

Firstly let me introduce myself. I am Emma, 33, mummy to Miss Chloe, who is the light of my life and a two-year old quickly going on 22!,and wife to husband Mr D.

I have had this idea of starting a blog for a little while now but each time I talk myself out of it. But not this time, this time I thought you can do it! And Mr D being the ever supportive husband has got me everything an up and coming blogger may require. Now how good at this only time will tell, but if I don’t try I will never know.

Most of the stuff I will write about is likely to be about the joys, tears and horror of being a parent, with a mix of the joys,tears and horror of marriage.

I hope to keep you all entertained or at least think, thank god it’s not just me!





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