Holiday packing Wife Vs Husband

When it comes to packing men and women are very different. Women will have a list for everything that they know they will need, things they may need and things they probably wont need but better take just in case. Men on the other hand pack what they know they will need and not a pair of pants more.

Packing in our house goes something like this:


Packs for me

packs for toddler

 arrange snacks for car

arrange for someone to come and look after the fur babies

give the house a blitz before leaving

arrange entertainment for car for the toddler, 5 hours with an unhappy toddler is not a good start to the holiday

have a list of fun activities to do whilst on holiday

ensure you have every charger for every electrical item you plan on taking and a spare just in case

Mr D…….

has shave

packs bag

The reason I have realised for this is that when something is forgot it is your fault!

2015-07-04 15.55.06“Oh Mummy did you remember all my things I need?!!”


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