Holiday countdown


Just tomorrow morning at work and I am on holiday. But anyone with a toddler will know that you are never really on holiday even when laying on the beach.

Before we leave there will be the normal check, double-check and triple check that you have everything for every emergency that may arise. Unpacking and re-packing the suitcase.

Then there is the car journey, 5 hours to Devon with a toddler. I have packed more toys than Toys R Us, the kindle is fully charged, with a car charger packed just in-case.

The service station stops turn in to the best place ever for a toddler and they never want to get back into the car. So you take to  bribing them with overpriced toys and sweets willing them to get back into the car for the rest of the journey.

But as you tell yourself every year it is all part of the fun, and it is what makes memories, and really you wouldn’t change a thing. x



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