Sandcastles and crabbing fun

20160623_163210This afternoon we have been to the beach to build sand castles and go crabbing. It is true what they say the best things in life are free.

Mr D has been coming to Devon all his life for holidays due to having family here and now Miss Chloe is going to be lucky enough to have lots of happy memories on the beautiful beach of Combe Martin.

This afternoon she went crabbing in the rock pools for the very first time and loved it! We were joined on the beach by Mr D’s dad Papa D, who Miss Chloe loves and says granddad about a million times a day. Watching all 3 of them making memories together, lifting up rocks and looking for the biggest one, makes you realise that family is such an important and special thing.

Miss Chloe insisted on everyone stroked the crabs andย  saying hello to them before they were put in the bucket, and of course when it was time to let them go we all had to say goodbye to them!

I look forward to making lots more memories with our little family on this beach for many more years to come.



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