Watermouth Castle *Review*

20160622_145334I’ve always wanted to go to Watermouth Castle for all the years that we have been coming to Devon, but always thought it was more that you went when you had kids. Last year when we come to Devon Miss Chloe was only 18 Months so we said this year we will go as she will enjoy it more and we were not wrong.

You start of in the castle which has lots of things for all ages to look at, from old slot machines, and penny machines to the smugglers tunnels underneath.

Once through the castle there is a beautiful restaurant with lovely food and polite staff with a beautiful picnic area outside next to a carousel.

For the younger children there is Gnome land with lots of little houses and fun thing for them to see and do. Miss Chloe’s favourite things was the rides, especially the snail run.

There is a great maze that Miss Chloe thought was fun when Mr D got lost and couldn’t find us.

Even in the rain, there are indoor areas for you to hideout and, all the games machines are old currency so you want spend more than your mortgage keeping them entertained.

If you are in North Devon I would diffently make this part of your holiday, you wont be disappointed.


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