Weekend fun & games

20160702_193714(0)Weekends are always my favourite time of the week. I’m not rushing around in the weekend trying to get ready for work, or get Miss Chloe ready for nursery. We can go at our own pace, which I love.

This weekend was even better as Mr D was still on holiday so we could spend Saturday together. And how better to spend a family day together then in IKEA?!

Yes, that’s right we spend 3 hours on a Saturday in IKEA. I really don’t know what happens when you enter that place, you seem to lose all track of time, money and the ability to think logical. Everyone gets caught up in their overwhelming need to have a flamingo wine glass, when you don’t even drink wine, but there is always the possibility that someone who does drink wine, will pop round and will be impressed by your wonderful taste in wine glasses.

Then there is the fun of trying to get everything you have purchased (wine glass included) into the car. It is like a game of Tetris, and someone (me) will have stuff by their feet and on their lap!

The fun really starts when you get home and then you realise that you have to actually build the stuff you have brought. With a toddler running around with a screw driver insisting that they help. Now anyone who has purchased any item of flat pack furniture will no that the instructions are there just to tip you over the edge, when you are already stressed from spending an eternity picking the damn item out.  I would recommend throwing them away and putting on You Tube.

Finally, at 10pm, Miss Chloe asleep, me & Mr D absolutely knackered we had finished.

And I can honestly say it was one of my favourite days!




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