Mummy make up quick fixes


When you become a mummy, you learn the art of showing and getting ready in under 10 minutes.

I have found some of the following items that helps make the morning rush a little quicker…….

  1. Fake tan, now anyone who knows me knows I am useless at putting this suff on evenly and I end up looking like I have been varnished by the toddler. But I have found one that you put on in the shower,  and then wash of. It is by Rimmel, and it leaves your skin silky smooth. But just remember to apply like a fake tan and not a shower gel, or you will look like you have impetigo (trust me on this!)

  2. Mascara that tints your eye lashes. Like most women I look half asleep without mascara on and anything that can give me a bit of a boast is good in my books, it is another Rimmel product.

  3. Clinique chubby stick. OMG I love this! it gives a nice healthy colour to the cheeks without being to heavy and can be used as a lipstick.

  4. Press on nails. If like me going to have your nails done in a proper nail bar is a luxury that you do not have time for, these are great for holidays or on one of those random nights out with other adults.

  5. Dry shampoo, OK I know this is not new, but how bloody amazing is this stuff? I use this on the mornings when a 5 minute shower is a luxury and all I have time for is to wash the important bits. Out comes the dry shampoo and the trusty mum bun and I am good to go.

  6.  Bbaywipes. How did people cope before this were invented? Honestly, how did they clean their sofas, children’s snotty noses or remove their make up or remove dodgy fake tan marks from their ankles and between their fingers?

Hopefully with the help of these trusty items you can now have a lovely whole 7 minutes in the shower and still leave the house looking semi alive!


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