Working mummy guilt

20160617_222833Both me and Mr D work full-time. I work 2 Mornings and 3 full days and Mr D works 4 nights. This works for us but does sometimes make us like ships that pass on the night.

The plus side is that Miss Chloe gets to spend quality time with each of us. On the afternoons I am off we do craft stuff and go shopping or for a sneaky McDonald’s, with Mr D they go to the farm and food shopping. And then on a Saturday we do something all together. Plus she has goes to nursery full-time on Wednesday and has done since she was one.

The down side is having to leave her in the morning. We have pretty much got our morning routine down to a fine art now, and it runs smoothly most of the time. And the majority of the time Miss Chloe is happy to go with the flow, but as 9.00am creeps forward the cuddle become a little tighter, and although she doesnt cry when I go, I know she is aware that I am off to work, and I admit my cuddles for her get a little tighter.

throughout the day I am kept up to date on the days events by Mr D, and when you’re having a rubbish day a picture of my two favorites always cheers me up, but just makes me miss them both all the more.And make me wish 5.30pm would roll around a little quicker.

And there really is no better feeling then a little person jumping up and down with joy at you coming home at the end of the day, the look of happiness on her face and the excitement of telling me what she has done that morning/day.

And when it comes to bedtime, yes I do still let her fall asleep on me having a cuddle, but do you know what, I will continue to allow her to do as it is a comfort for both of us, and if it means I get an extra 15 minutes of Chloe time, then I will take it.

When the guilt kicks in I remind myself that it is for her that we both work the hours we work, in order that we can have the life we have, and for her to have everything her little heart desires and wishes for.




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