Why I prefer having a toddler to a new born

Yes, there is nothing nicer than a cuddle with a little baby that fits nicely in to your arms and that smell of a newborn baby is truly one of the best smells in the world, but oh my god the anxiety and general fear of having a new born is why I prefer having a toddler than a new born.

when Miss Chloe was born, pretty much up until her first birthday I panicked about absolutely everything and was always looking on Dr Google or at the Dr with her because she had a cold or teething. Now that she is a toddler that feeling has gone.

Now when she has a cold I know that yes, it will be awful for a couple of days, but she will get better and it is amazing the healing power a mummy cuddle has.

With a newborn it ca be lonely especially during the day when everyone else is at work, and your day revolves around when the next feed is due and just trying to get out of the house is a military operation. Now, we can go out on proper adventures and be out all day and have a little chat about our day and what we did.

The other thing I love is that they sleep, all night (most of the time). Yes she has dropped her naps in the day and is pretty much running around on turbo charge from the minute she opens her eyes to the minute she goes to sleep, but it means I have my evenings back. When Miss Chloe was born it felt like she didn’t sleep for the first 7 months for longer then 2 hours at the time. And when she did I would be awake as I thought something was wrong!

But my absolute favourite thing about having a toddler is the I have a little mini me, and she really is a mini me, from the way she has a tantrum to the way she tells Mr D to be quiet.


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