Why I don’t miss Me before Chloe

When after another hectic weekend with Miss Chloe I finally fall into bed, exhausted after watching Minions for the 100th time or making play doh minions, I often wonder what I did with my time before she come in to our lives.

Me and Mr D were always out doing stuff of a weekend, whether shopping or day trips out, and although we enjoyed it just the 2 of us, it is better being the 3 of us.

Yes, I may not get to shower anymore on my own and having a wee without being asked “what’s that?” is a thing of the past, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way now.

And yes sleeping in on a weekend is just a distant memory, but I actually quite enjoy getting up early and seeing the excitement on Miss Chloe’s face about watching the same episode of Mr Tumbles as she has watched for the last 3 days.

Even when looking through the million pictures I take of Miss Chloe doing the most mundane things, but wanting to remember that moment, I wonder before she come along what did I use the camera on my phone for?!

And although at times I would like half an hour to myself to read a book or paint my nails I know that after 15 minutes I would miss her.

People say that Children need parents to help guide them and make them in to good people but, I think that is what children do for the parents. Miss Chloe has made me a better person, and made me realise that the small things in life you use to worry about really don’t matter anymore, and for that I will always be grateful to her for making me realise what is important in life.




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