Dressing like a mum

20160622_150723I have never been much of a fashion follower or one to follow the trends. But I have noticed that since becoming a  mummy I the way I dress has changed, and I am dressing like a mum.

Here is my top 7 signs you now dress like a mum……

  1. 1. Converse. In trusty white as they go with everything. For the winter months you wear black ones, and in the summer you feel adventurous and wear a pastel colour. You may even get a bit snazzy and Essex and get a bling pair and then feel to self-conscious to actually leave the house in them.

2. Flip flops. These are great when running about on hot days. The only down side is you will have to paint your toenails. But as you probably wont have the chance to do this you will probably just stick to the converse and then complain that your feet are sweating!

3. Jeans. If like me, you spend most of your time in jeans you will have  a selection of styles. I have the “trendy” ripped knees, skinny ones, jeggings. Good thing with jeans is the hide a multitude of sins, from mummy tummy, unshaved legs or bogies that you lovely bundle of joy has lovingly gifted you!

4. Leggings. Now I know not everyone is a lover of leggings, but I bloody love them as they make my legs look skinny, which is a winner for me! With a nice mumsy dress over the top you can almost look dressy and part of the grown up world.

4. Vest tops. These are a new addition to my wardrobe. Mainly because since becoming a mummy I am always so bloody hot and sweaty from running around after Miss Chloe all the time so a vest is good, and looks like I have made a bit of an effort to look smart.

5. Accessories. These are good for diverting the attention away from any stains your little monster may have gifted you with as you are leaving the front door. A nice scarf can hide many things. Or if you want to be Miss fancy pants put on a nice necklace and some dangly earrings. The earrings don’t tend to last long until they are yanked from your lobs. But it is the thought that counts.

6. Ballet flats. I live in these for works as they are supper comfortable and easy. Plus with a nice jazzy vest and my trusty leggings I look half decent and smart for work. The only down side to these is they make your feet sweat, and then you spend the evening listen to Mr D tell you how much your feet stink!

7. Handbags. Now these are my weakness. Anyone that knows me knows I love a handbag. Now when you have a child you will need a bag big enough to literally carry the contents of your house around. My bag of choice is anything Cath Kidston, which is the universal mummy bag. Every time you go to a park/farm/soft play area, all the mums will have a trusty Cath Kidston bag.

But, the funny thing is my “mummy uniform” is practical when running around after a toddler all day. Who wants to be dressed up like Kim Kardashian, just to go to feed the ducks, when in my trusty pair of converse I can jump in all the muddle puddles I want and be happy and comfortable.


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