Me & my girl ❤

wp-1468947164184.jpgOn a Monday and Tuesday afternoon I don’t work so me and Miss Chloe get to have extra mummy and Chloe time.

This afternoon I thought we would make the most of the lovely weather and go swimming. We have only taken her once before and she was only year and a bit so I wasn’t sure how today was going to turn out. She would either love it or hate it.

The other thing to deal with was putting on a swimsuit. I am still trying to get rid of my Mummy tummy, I would like to say it is baby weight but Miss Chloe is 2 and half so not sure if I can get away with that one anymore. And truth be told I’m probably slimmer then before I was pregnant.  Anyway I told myself to get a grip and to put my big girls swimsuit on a go have fun, and that’s what we did.

Miss Chloe absolutely LOVED it. She jumped straight in no tears or fear she was even happy to put her head under and wanted to play with all the other children.

In fact we enjoyed it so much it’s going to be a new Tuesday tradition for me and my girl ❤


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