10 free things to do with a toddler this summer

Having a small person to entertain during the summer months can be difficult. Here is my list of 10 things to do for free.

20160623_1619531. The park. Pack a picnic, a ball, some bubbles and some toys and off you go. Your little one will love having a lunch outside with all that free space. Get some other mums and there little sprogs and you will have a fab time.

2. The beach. what kid doesn’t like building a sand castle and having a paddle in the sea.

3. The forest. Make it an adventure and make a toy shield and sword and go dragon hunting, or find a fairy trail.

4. garden bug hunt. Print some pictures of bugs off, and send your little bug hunter of to find them in the garden.

5. Lets bake a cake. It doesn’t have to be Mary Berry standards, my speciality is good old corn flake cakes, using left over cereal and chocolate. Miss Chloe’s favourite part is licking the spoon!

6. Bath painting. All that’s needed is shaving foam, food colouring and a paint brush and away they go. All that mess confined to one space, and the best bit is, it washes away!

7. At home cinema. Close the curtains, get all your little ones favourite snacks and have a DVD afternoon pretending you’re at the cinema.

8. Cleaning. Yes sounds crazy I know, but little people love to help. Give them a duster and ask them to clean their toys or anything blue, while you get on with the other bits. if your feeling really brave you can let them help you with the washing up. Just be prepared for the mess!

9. Indoor treasure hunt. Find some old jewellery and other little trinkets and make a treasure hunt. If you have time you can make a map to help them find the treasure.

10. Teddy bears picnic. Let your little one pick their favourite teddies and dolls to join you for a indoor teddy bear picnic.

Enjoy ❤


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