101 things and it’s not even lunch!

wp-1469355148173.jpgSo  far today  we have watched 2 films, played with the dolls house, done colouring, aqua doodle and been in the garden and it’s not even 11.30am.

Miss Chloe woke up at 6 this morning and proceeded to shove the TV buttons in my face whilst shouting cats mummy cats mummy pleeaassssssseeeeee” on went the TV while I tried to get a few more minutes, Miss Chloe soon put a stop to that my jumping up and down on the bed and then face planting me!

So up we got at half 7 and out come ALL the toys, which all get played with for 2 seconds before moving on to the next thing.

We have consumed am ultra naughty breakfast of juice and chocolate chips cookies on the sofa. My rule of our eating in the front room (output back in place yesterday) quickly going out the window.

We are currently watching Peppa pig dvd sitting on a scooter backwards (Chloe, not me) surrounded by a bucket and spade and cookie crumbs.

And although I will probably spend the rest of my day getting out and putting back ever toy in her bedroom, picking up crumbs off the rug, and watching Peppa pig on repeat I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday.



One thought on “101 things and it’s not even lunch!

  1. Yes, I know how tiring it is to be a mum. Your baby determines when you get up in the morning and boy could we use a few more hours of zzzz’s. But its worth the effort to see them happy and at play. Thanks for sharing.

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