Toddler essentials when out and about.


Oh how I miss being able to run to the shops with just my purse phone and keys shoved in my pocket.

 Now just to do a basis run to the shop I have to take enough stuff for a 2 week holiday.

This is a list of stuff that is in my changing bag:

  1. 1. Baby wipes, obvs. These are the best things ever invented. These are used for getting mud off shoes, wiping down a high chair, cleaning dirty hands & faces. Everything!

2. Nappies/Pull ups. We haven’t started potty training yet, so Miss Chloe is still in nappies/pull ups.

3. Strawberry hand wipes. These are basically baby wipes but smell nice. I tend to save these for me to use!

4. Dummy. Yes, Miss Chloe has a dummy still, but it is her comfort and I don’t really see an issue with having one. Especially of it means 5 minutes peace.

5. Juice. Which 99% of the time will at some point of the day leak in my bag on to everything. They say that they are non leak, but it’s all a bloody lie!

6. Snacks. Boy, how much can a small person eat. These are always good for bribary.

7. Change of clothes. Thanks to Peppa Pig, Chloe loves to jump in puddles, and not just little ones, oh no it is the massive bloody ones!!!

8. Reins. These are only ever really used when we are going someone really busy and I am on my own with her. But she is usually very good and is happy to hold my hand.

9. Suntan lotion and sun hat. Just incase the British sunshine decides to make an appearance.

And right down at the bottom I will usually find my keys, phone and purse, but only after having a mild heart attack each bloody time I cant find anything!.

I’d love to hear what you have in your changing bags.




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