Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park *Review*

 IMG_20160730_170021So today we went to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford with my Sister In Law and Niece. I have read mixed reviews on the park and thought I would go and see for myself what it was all about.

It is really easy to find, we went from Westfield shopping centre. There are loads of places to take some good pictures of the city skyline and the Olympic stadium on the way to the park, and I do love to take a picture.

The entry fee was £2 per adult and £1 for a child, as Chloe is 2 we did not have to pay for her. Inside it is set out like the seaside. There are loads of rides, beach huts that sell food, drinks, beach goods and there is a bar or two.

I would recommend if you are going to the beach part you take your own bucket and spades etc. We purchased some there and they were ridiculously expensive, and i left mine there as I didnt want to  carry around afterwards.

The beach itself is really nice, it is play sand so is nice and soft. Deck chairs are available to have on the sand and on the outskirts of the beach there are picnic tables. There are also two pools, both are very shallow and only come up to Chloe’s knees.


The beach area was lovely and clean. We packed up  around half 11 and it was just starting to get busy. I would say that if the weather was nicer it would have been a lot busy. And I probably wouldn’t recommend going on a match day with West Ham moving to the Olympic stadium as I would imagine it would get  busy leading to the park.

With regards to the rides, this is where the cost starts to add up. On entry you get some vouchers, one of them counts as a ride voucher. For the rides you need to purchase tickets which are a pound a ticket, but most of the rides are a minimum of 2 tickets. They have plenty of rides for all age groups. Again as we left quite early it wasn’t very busy but I would imagine as the day goes on it will get busy.

The down side is that you can  not take your own food in to the park, and they do check your bags on the way in. Like most parents when going on trips like this I would usually pack a picnic to keep costs down.

Another thing that I found very disappointing is that the staff were very rude. I always think that if you are working at any place where there are going to be families the staff should be happy and child friendly, and here I didn’t feel like that.

I would  recommend Queen Elizabeth Park to families, but would say go early in the morning to avoid the rush.






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