Image  crisis

.facebook_1470073756398Sometimes when you are a mum, you forget you are a person as well.

Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change being a mum for all the tea in China, but why does being a mum mean that I have to change.

Everything about me has changed, from my clothes, make up, to what I drink.

Why is it that now I am a mum, before getting dressed in the morning I think “can I wear this now I am a mum?” Before becoming a mum I would wear leopard print and skull print, but now I am a mum, I feel it would not be appropriate, so it is replaced with a nice flower print top and sensible leggings.

Why now I am a mum do I stop before putting on that extra flick of mascara, and winged eyeliner and play it safe with some lip gloss and a single coat of mascara, and if I am feeling really fancy I might put on some eye shadow.

Why now I’m a mum do I feel guilty when doing something for myself or having a beer makes me feel like a naughty school girl.

Yes, I am a mum, but I am still me.



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