Things to do in Redbridge under £5


 I am always on the look out for things to do with Chloe that don’t cost me the world.

Here are my 6 go to ideas that are good for most age groups.

1. Swimming. We go to Fullwell Cross Swimming pool.  This is a new thing for us and has turned into  a Tuesday tradition. It is free for under 3’s and for adults  £2.70. We don’t spend a lot of time in the pool, as Chloe is still getting use to swimming, but we tend to spend a good 30-45 mins in the pool.


Water baby

2. Valentines Park.  This is a lovely park, but it does get very busy, especially when the weather is nice. There is a lovely café in the centre of the park that sells hot and cold food, and ice creams. There are 2 playgrounds, and at the moment for the summer months there are some rides and a bouncy castle for £2 a ride. Plus a lovely lake, which you can hire rowing boats.


3. Hainault Forest County Park. I have been coming to this park for as long as I can remember. There is beautiful open spaces, which sometimes in the nice weather has a bouncy castle. There is also a lake, again where you can ire rowing boats. I would be more inclined to hire from here rather than Valentines. For the children there is a small animal enclosure. In the summer holidays they often have an outdoor cinema for both children and adults.

4. Redbridge Library. This is a good option when the weather is not great. At the moment they have an event on called ship shape for all age groups, which gives children the chance to make their own boat. In the children’s part of the library there are lots of nice reading areas as well as a tree that sings. Chloe was very impressed with this.


5. Fairlop Waters. This has an indoor play centre called Owls. Which is good for all age groups. The only downside is that it gets very busy, and I wouldn’t recommend going on a Saturday morning unless you have had a bucket of coffee and have earplugs!!

My favourite part is the park. There is no playground as such, but there are bits for children to play on. And a large lake which is great for feeding the ducks. Plus if your lucky you might see Pete from TOWIE walking his dog.

6. Seven Kings park. This is a lovely park, which is less busy than Valentines Park. It has 2 large playgrounds for all age groups,  a skate park, plus Chloe’s favourite, the sand park. There are slides, swings and a see saw in the sand park, plus tunnels and diggers to keep the little one entertained.


7. Cinema. Check out your local cinema they sometimes do a kids club. Tickets are around  £2 and they show new releases.

So that’s my go to places, I would love to hear yours.








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