Trying to find a mini break that doesn’t cost the earth!


Mr D has some time off at the end of the month so we thought we would make the most of the sunny weather and book a weekend away.

Little did we realise that a weekend at Peppa Pig World would cost more than a cruise around the world! I did find one hotel that I thought was a reasonable price, but it was 37 sodding miles away from Peppa Pig World, 37 MILES!!! And the one closer (9 miles) was £350, for 2 days!

Then I thought, Brighton, that doesn’t take long to get to and we can get a nice little B&B on the beach, PHAH! £350 for one night. I love Brighton don’t get me wrong, but not that bloody much.

All we wanted was a night away in a hotel, we are not even talking the Ritz, but it would seem that to do so you need to win the lottery.

So, now our plan now will involve staying a little closer to home, and all that money that we save by  not staying in a hotel can be spent on expensive tat from the zoo, overpriced lunches, balloons and cuddly toys for Miss Chloe.

And maybe if I play my cards right, I might get a fancy pants take away!

I’d love to hear what everyone’s favourite places to take little ones is, especially near Essex.

x ❤



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