Romford Mothercare soft play centre- *review*

IMG_20160806_095753 when Chloe was a little baby Mothercare was a bit of a weekend tradition for me & Mr D. We would go and dose ourselves up on overpriced coffee from Costa Coffee, and then on a coffee buzz go a little crazy around the store and buy loads of un-required baby crap!

Now Chloe is older, we don’t go as often, but today we thought we would go and try out the new soft play centre that they have.

Here are my thoughts:

The store is having a bit of a make over, and the soft play centre is upstairs, where they use to have the children books. They have also moved Costa Coffee upstairs, and is conveniently located bang next to the soft play area.

We arrived at 9am just as the store was opening to avoid the rush and within 10 minutes there was 5 other children there . It is £4 per child for an hours play. One parent/adult gets free entry and for the 2nd parent/adult it is a £1. Parents can also purchase socks for £1.

The Play centre is quiet small I would say that it would hold 10 children at most. There are 2 sections to the play area, one for babies up to 23 months and the main section which is for 2-5 year olds.


The baby section has a ball pool, a foam slide, some ride on animal toys and a few games on the wall. For that age range it is a better than some other play areas I went to with Chloe when she was a baby.

The main play area has a slide, a ball pit, a small climbing area and a trampoline, there is also 2 IPads on the wall in the enclosed area at the entrance along with a machine that blows hot air for the air flow balls to “fly”.

It is nicely situated opposite Costa Coffee, and I could clearly see Chloe at all times while enjoying a coffee while Mr D was inside being given the run around!

I would defiently recommend going here if you are in the area. As it is only an hours play they get it is not somewhere you could go for a full day’s activity, but it is good for a change and we would take Chloe back, but I would recommend going early as I would imagine it gets very busy.

Enjoy! x


7 thoughts on “Romford Mothercare soft play centre- *review*

  1. Your local shop looks lovely! I like this! The one where I live is absolutely rubbish, run-down. With a lift not working for the last 9 months or so. Not helping when you are visiting with a pram! Enjoy. #MMBC


  2. I went yesturday with my 13 month old. I thought it was very good as was only £2.50 an hour for under 2s. My little boy loved it! We asked and he was allowed to go in the 2-5 year old section too as it was quiet when we went. Let’s just say it will now be a weekly visit for us as he absolutely loved it and it really wore him out 🙂


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