This afternoon we had a play date with big cousin Lizzie and Auntie Lisa.

Chloe absolutely adores big cousin Lizie, she was so excited this morning you would have thought it was Christmas, it is quite possible the cutest thing ever.

Even though there are 5 years between them, they are so close and they really do love each other. And they play so well together. I cant wait to see how they grow up together and how their bond continues to grow.

The plan for the afternoon was hotdogs and movies, but the girls had other ideas, they wanted to play with ALL the toys. So off they went and me and Auntie Lisa had a good old chinwag.

Then the girls decided it was time for food, so we had hot dogs followed by sweets and marshmallow treats made by Lizzie.


To end the afternoon we made banana and marshmallow kebab’s. This was a lot messier then I planned, especially with a 2-year-old. Chloe was more interested in spooning chocolate either over the bananas or into her mouth, she is defiantly my daughter!!!!

Miss Chloe went to bed tonight a very tired happy little girl.



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