Time to make a change


Carbs. I absolutely LOVE them! I mean who doesn’t like a chip butty or a big bowl of creamy pasta and garlic bread?

But, carbs it would seem do not feel the same way about me. No, me and carbs are going on a break.

Now, this was not an easy decision to come to, but I think it is the only choice I have. I have been suffering with a stomach ulcer and stomach pains and I have worked out that my beloved carbs makes it worse. But on the plus side, I might lose some weight!

So, when I finished work today off I went to Aldi and stocked up on lots of fruit, veg and lean meats. I even went to McDonalds on the way back to pick up lunch for Mr D & Miss Chloe and got myself ………A SALAD!!!!!!!!!

My plan is to share my ups and downs, and meals along with the recipes. So here we go, tonight’s meal was shepherds/cottage pie ( I always get them the wrong way round, I had the one with beef mince!) with parsnip and apple mash. Here is the recipe…….


  • Beef mince

  • Mushrooms

  • Baked beans

  • Gravy granules

  • onion

  • Bramley apples

  • Parsnips

  • Milk

  • butter

  • nutmeg

  • salt and pepper

Make the basis of the shepherd’s pie as normal. I always add baked beans to mine, just because my Dad does, and because it is lush. For the mash chop and peel the parsnip and apples and place in boiling water until the parsnips are tender. Strain them and return to the heat and add a little butter and milk and a dash of nutmeg and either mash or put in a food blender. Then construct the shepherds pie as normal and cook for 45 Mins. Et voila!!

I am trying to be positive and have packed a big chicken salad with carrot sticks and hummus for lunch tomorrow, and am going to try and drink a shed loads of water!

Wish me luck!!



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