Feeding time at the zoo


When pregnant, I had ideas that when Chloe started solid food, I would spend my days making healthy home made food and she would love it and I would be like one of those earth mothers and my child would love hummus and carrot sticks and would favour fruit over biscuits.

The truth is, weaning for me was stressful. Chloe didn’t like anything that I put in front of her. Whether it was a lovingly prepared home cooked meal, or baby food. The only thing she enjoyed was yoghurt. I would find myself getting stressed, and found that I started dreading dinner time.

As she got older things improved, and she started to eat more. Baby food has never been her thing, and she would literally gag at the first spoon. This was a blessing as baby food is bloody expensive. She would happily munch away on toast and scrambled eggs.

Now Chloe is 2 and half, she pretty much eats what we have. On Friday night she had Chow Mein and seaweed from the Chinese with us. And eats toast and cereal for breakfast. An, although this makes me sound sad,  I love that she eats a sandwich like a big girl, without pulling it apart and just eating the butter!

I know, some people insist that their little one eats only organic, free range food, and that they have fruit and veg instead of crisps and sweets, but my motto is everything in moderation. And at the end of the day Miss Chloe is fed and happy, and I would rather that any day then forcing her to eat something she doesn’t like, which in my view is going to make her hate  later in life.

And plus, it never done me any harm growing up on Findus crispy pancakes and potato waffles!



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