Park life and bubble kisses


This morning me and Chloe have been for a lovely trip to the park.

She has started to outgrow the pushchair so I tend to take her out in her little car now which she loves.

We would usually feed the ducks but Chloe is now a little frightened of the geese after one caught her back. Mind you even I find them scary when they are gathered around you.

Chloe, like most toddlers loves bubbles and I decided to take some with us. I’m glad I did Chloe loved it. Chasing them around and trying to pop them. And then trying to blow the bubbles put just blowing raspberries!

Then after Chloe insisted on holding the bubbles and tipping them on the floor, we avoided a mini breakdown by having crisps and juice in the sun.

A lovely lazy sunny Sunday.



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