Mummy friends apply below…..


My name is mummy Em, and I don’t have any friends. There I said it!

Now by friends what I mean is, I don’t have any mummy friends. No one that I can call to meet for a play date over the park, or have an impromptu day out with their little one.

Yes, I have friends that have babies, and I do see them but they live either too far away or its hard to work something out for the 2 afternoons I am off work, or for a weekend.

We have tried the mummy and baby clubs, and to be honest I didn’t find them very friendly. We didn’t go until Chloe had just turned 2, so maybe I was already set in my ways. But I found non of the other mum’s wanted to talk and had already made their own cliques. We did go for a few weeks as Chloe loved it and is such a sociable little lady she will just chat to anyone, defiantly not a Devere!

And don’t get me wrong, I love spending time it being just me and my girl, and Mr D. But sometimes, just sometimes I would like to have another mummy to chat to whilst Chloe is running around like a loon. I think it would be good for Chloe as well, she must get bored with seeing my face.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to “put myself out there” and make some new friends.

So, Hello my name is Emma, nice to meet you.




9 thoughts on “Mummy friends apply below…..

  1. Shame I’m too far away to meet you in person! I understand what you mean, being able to talk to other mums in a non competitive or non judgmental way is so lovely. I can be an online mummy friend though xxx

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  2. Hi Emma, as you can see from the blog post you liked called Why play dates are more important to me than my daughter, it took me a while to find a group of mummy friends. I was very lonely at the start of my first pregnancy but I have to admit I have been lucky enough to find a lovely baby group with great mummies. It took some pushing from a friend of mine and I am very particular who I talk to but now by my second baby I have some mummies I can What’s app with.
    Sorry I don’t live in Essex but you have a mummy online friend in me.


    1. Hi Kimberly.
      Like wise for you. Out of my post I have made contact with 2 old school friends and have been on 2 play dates and have another planned for Saturday.
      It is hard putting yourself out there.


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