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Mummy friends apply below…..


My name is mummy Em, and I don’t have any friends. There I said it!

Now by friends what I mean is, I don’t have any mummy friends. No one that I can call to meet for a play date over the park, or have an impromptu day out with their little one.

Yes, I have friends that have babies, and I do see themΒ but they live either too far away or its hard to work something out for the 2 afternoons I am off work, or for a weekend.

We have tried the mummy and baby clubs, and to be honest I didn’t find them very friendly. We didn’t go until Chloe had just turned 2, so maybe I was already set in my ways. But I found non of the other mum’s wanted to talk and had already made their own cliques. We did go for a few weeks as Chloe loved it and is such a sociable little lady she will just chat to anyone, defiantly not a Devere!

And don’t get me wrong, I love spending time it being just me and my girl, and Mr D. But sometimes, just sometimes I would like to have another mummy to chat toΒ whilst Chloe is running around like a loon. I think it would be good for Chloe as well, she must get bored with seeing my face.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to “put myself out there” and make some new friends.

So, Hello my name is Emma, nice to meet you.




9 thoughts on “Mummy friends apply below…..

  1. Shame I’m too far away to meet you in person! I understand what you mean, being able to talk to other mums in a non competitive or non judgmental way is so lovely. I can be an online mummy friend though xxx

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  2. Heya nice to meet you. Glad other people put this out there. Being a mummy is so rewarding yet such lonely hard work sometimes! Be good to chat about Mummy things. Where do you live?

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  3. I’m Emma too, we r from Cheshire, sounds posh that doesn’t it, it’s not the posh part where all the celebs live it’s Widnes you have probably never heard of it, right next door to Liverpool X


  4. Hi Emma, as you can see from the blog post you liked called Why play dates are more important to me than my daughter, it took me a while to find a group of mummy friends. I was very lonely at the start of my first pregnancy but I have to admit I have been lucky enough to find a lovely baby group with great mummies. It took some pushing from a friend of mine and I am very particular who I talk to but now by my second baby I have some mummies I can What’s app with.
    Sorry I don’t live in Essex but you have a mummy online friend in me.


    1. Hi Kimberly.
      Like wise for you. Out of my post I have made contact with 2 old school friends and have been on 2 play dates and have another planned for Saturday.
      It is hard putting yourself out there.


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