Diet, what diet!


Ok, so the healthy eating plan has gone monumentally off track!

It was all going so well, porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch, even carrot sticks and humus at night in front of the TV. And then it happened, a moment of weakness, I got a meal deal from Tesco and I consumed the mother of all sandwiches.

As it was Friday night, which in the Devere house means take away night, I continued the naughtiness with burger and chips. Saturday, we went to Ikea, and it is impossible to go to Ikea without visiting the café, and a fry up may have been consumed!!

So, as you can see, I suck at diets and healthy eating. So, I am giving up. I can live with a bit of heartburn, but I CAN NOT live without food, beautiful, lip smackingly good food!

And you know what, me and my size 18 butt are perfectly happy just the way we are, and if it’s not broke don’t fix it!



4 thoughts on “Diet, what diet!

  1. Your diet sounds very much like mine. Excellent foundations and impeccable intentions, but then Ikea / take-away / cake happens! I then end up writing it off for the rest of the week (you can’t possibly restart a diet mid week – that would be insane!) and so I spend the rest of the week stuffing my face with all the dirty stuff that I won’t be allowed again once I go back on the diet. Next week. For about 3 hours probably. :0) High five to you being happy just as you are. Excellent plan! 💕 xx

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