Being a working mummy


I started working again when Chloe was 5 months old. It was very difficult to leave my tiny bundle of love to return to work, but I had to. And part of me, in fact a large part of me is glad I did.

Ok, yes, there are some days, like when Chloe cries in the morning and says “Mummy no work” I would gladly stay at home with her. But then I remind myself that I go to work for her to have everything she has and everything she wants.

But, when I get home from work my day doesn’t end. I then have to put my mummy hat on, and do the dinner and the bed and bath time routine. And try to be a good wife, and talk to Mr D and, if we are lucky we will sit a watch a whole film, before one of us falls asleep after 20 minutes.

Housework is to be fitted in at the weekend, when you are trying to make the most of your two full days with your little one, so the mummy guilt doesn’t creep up and take over.

Working mums are like super heroes, Clarke Kent and Super Man/Working mum and super mum. One person leading 2 separate lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, I completely admire stay at home mums, (I don’t like the terms full-time mum, just because I work doesn’t mean im a part-time mum), but i think working mums should get a shout out. We work just as hard, and many of us would love to swap places.

On the plus side at work I get to have a conversation with grown ups and enjoy copious amounts of tea and coffee, HOT tea and coffee!


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