Today I had ME TIME!


Today I had some ME TIME. Yes, that thing us mum’s hear a lot about, but very rearly get to experience. That thing that people say we should have more of.

I booked the afternoon off work and went and had my hair cut. All cut off short. I’m not 100% sure I love it yet, but it is better than it was, at least now it is a style rather than just hanging there. But it does means that now I will have to get my butt in gear in the morning and actually do my hair instead of putting it up wet in my trusty mum bun!

I enjoyed an hour of relaxing, well as relaxed as I can be looking at myself in the mirror for that amount of time. An hour of not hearing my name being called, or being jumped on or being asked for juice or a snack. An hour of sitting and talking about where I have been on holiday and what I am doing at the weekend. But, the minute I stepped out of there, I couldn’t  wait to get home to see Miss Chloe and Mr D. And I rushed home to see them, via Tesco to pick up on snacks and treats for the evening.

I like a bit of me time, but I LOVE us time more.




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