Marsh Farm South Woodham Ferrers – *Review*


I had heard good things about Marsh Farm, and thought we would try it today for ourselves as Mr D has the weekend off.

From our house it took about 50 minutes and was really easy to find. We arrived at 9.30am, but it doesn’t open until 10.00am, so we had our pick of the best spaces. Within 10 minutes it was soon filling up.

It cost £12.50 per adult and 2 years and under is free. I do find it annoying at these types of places, that toddlers entrance is the same as the older children and adults. If you book on line the day before it is about £1.50 less then on the day. Terms time is about half the price of holidays and weekends.

When you go through the entrance you are into the play area straight away and Chloe is like most toddlers and is happy to play on the slides over and over and over again. The play ground had a good variety of climbing frames and swings,but the slides were dirty due to yesterdays wet weather which meant that Chloe was dirty before the day had properly started. There is also a large sandpit that has tractors and diggers with slides and bucket and spades.


With regards to the farm part I was very disappointed with this. They had hardly any animals. At the entrance by the playground there are a few goats and sheep, and dotted about are some chickens and pigs. The best part is the small animal enclosure that had a bird enclosure which you could walk in and the birds were flying around you.

The weather took a turn for the worse so we retreated to the large play barn for a coffee and Chloe burnt off some energy in the soft play area. It would seem everyone else had the same idea. Chloe loved the soft play area, and I always stay in there with her to keep an eye on her. It would seem however, that other parents just dump and run.  After bribing Chloe with a bag of haribos, we went off in search for the craft hut.

The craft hut was well set out with lots of colouring, and today’s craft was making a snake out of straws and pipe cleaners, which Chloe loved, however I found the lady running the craft very rude and at one point we almost left.

We left after only an hour and a half feeling very disappointed. I don’t think even if the weather had been better we would have enjoyed it anymore. It was a shame as we heard such great things about it but the lack of animals was what spoilt it for us.

However I did get to spend the day with these two terrors so it wasn’t all bad.



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