Ready steady bake


The weather today has been pretty grim. And after a busy day yesterday we decided to have a chilled out one today.

We got up and went for a little drive, and stopped of at the toy shop, and I run into Aldi to do a bit of shopping. Whilst in there I picked up a box of Spider Man cake mix for me and Chloe to do in the afternoon.

I love that she is at the age where we can do things together. She loved getting everything ready and doing the mixing.


While the cakes were cooking Chloe took a little ice cream break, like you do! And I did some tidying up and got everything ready to ice the cakes. Chloe loved eating the sprinkles and the butter cream icing. I remember making cakes when I was younger and licking the bowl at the end was always the best part.

Chloe was very proud of herself when finished and went to find Mr D straight away as he was the official cake taster!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.



6 thoughts on “Ready steady bake

  1. Love cooking with my two (4 and 7). They have such fun baking and using ingredients from the garden. And it really helps them become more adventurous in their food choices too. Win, win.

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