My 5 for £5 arts and crafts


Like everyone I love a bargain, and this afternoon me and Miss Chloe went out to see what we could find. Below is what we got for our pennies……..

Reward charts & ABC poster

I love these from the Pound Shop. I have been looking for a reward chart for Chloe for some time, especially one that encourages teeth brushing. I have another one in the kitchen that is for day-to-day things such as eating breakfast, eating dinner etc.

Poster paint and paint pots


These little gems are from Wilkinson. The paint was £1 per tube. They have a large range of colours including glitter paint. The paint tray was £2. These are fab as they keep the paint (and hopefully the mess) contained!



Again this was from Wilkinson for £1. It is A3 coloured paper. We usually use normal printer paper for painting,but find that it tends to rip quite easily, hopefully this may be a little better.

Snazaroo face paints

These were from Wilkinson and cost £3. Chloe loves to have her face painted, and as soon as we got home she insisted on getting the face paints out. Chloe wanted to be a tiger, and then wanted to paint mummy’s face I am apparently a tiger as well!!!

I’d love to hear what bargains you have bagged recently.




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