Bedtime + heat = grumpy toddler


Why is it that at bedtime my happy, giggling little girl, turns in to a grumpy, whiney devil?

I can only assume it is the heat tonight that made her turn in to an absolute terror, and made bedtime last for 2 hours! Yes that’s right 2 sodding hours.

It all started out well, cuddles on the sofa with milk and lala (dummy) and then it started, we needed a bum change, and then some more milk. And then the whining started, that awful noise that is half cry half moan but fully annoying. Then we had full crying for daddy, and then the request for more lala’s.

We had singing, bribery, begging, and finally after 2 hours she fell asleep clutching 6 yep 6 lala’s!!!!

It must be the heat, that turns her in to this crazy little person, like a mini drunk person, singing random songs, begging for another drink & talking gibberish!

It is now 9.30pm and I have just realised that I have not had any dinner, perhaps there is a plus side to the delayed bedtime after all?!



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