10 Things Motherhood has taught me

10 things motherhood has taught me




When becoming a parent your whole life is turned upside down. Every part of your life is about to change. Some bits you may miss (pert boobies, flat tum, SLEEP!) some bits you will be glad are long behind you.

These are the 10 things that motherhood has taught me.

Friendship change – Before having a baby you are out with friends of a weekend, meeting for coffee, shopping or chatting on the phone. When you have a baby things change. If you have friends that already have children, it is nearly impossible to arrange to meet up when you are both free, you may as well just schedule something for 2020 as that is the next time you will both be free at the same time. if you have friends that don’t have children, they are not interested if your child slept through the night or what they had for their dinner. Finding the balance is hard. And making new friends is harder.

No longer in fashion – Its official I dress like a mum. My wardrobe consists of leggings, jeggings, and baggy t-shirts. My attempt at being trendy is ripped jeans and converse. If it has a flower pattern I’m all over it. if it covers my lumps and bumps even better. If it is  on sale, WOW I’m in heaven.

Family time rocks


I love family time and when we have a weekend together we always try to have a family day out going to a farm or somewhere for Chloe. It is the one of the best things making new memories together. I actually think me and Mr D enjoy it more than Chloe.

Don’t take yourself seriously


I often find myself singing to Chloe when we are out and about. I will quite happily belt out “The wheels on the bus go round and round” whilst walking around Sainsbury, or let Chloe paint my face and take funny pictures with her. Because if you can’t have fun and act silly when you have kids when can you?

Relationships  take work– having a child will change any relationship, some for the better and some unfortunately just don’t work. Me and Mr D I am happy to say make a bloody good team, and work well. We are sort of like a tag team, taking over from each other when the other finishes work. It may not work for everyone but it works for us. Now Chloe is sleeping in her own room we are making more of an effort to have us time, which I think is important in any relationship.

Make time for me time –  before having Chloe me time would consist of a nice hot bath with a good book for a few hours, and then doing my nails and having a lie in. Now me time is giving the bathroom a good scrub or watching 10 minutes of crap TV. Last week, I had some me time andhad my hair done, but couldn’t wait to get home to see my little family.

You are stronger than you think – Motherhood is a test of strength. From child-birth your body is put through the most immense amount of pain known to man, but you forget about the pain(kind of) and move on. You didn’t realise what tiredness was until you had a new-born, but you find the strength to keep going even if you haven’t slept for 36 hours. When your child is teething and you just want to have a pee in peace and have a quick shower without  toddler glued to your hip, you solider on.

Its ok to ask for help – I think a lot of time we want to think we can do it all and have it all. But it is not always possible. Yes we would all like to think that we are super woman, but in reality she doesn’t exist. Don’t be afraid to ask for help especially when you have a new-born, family are probably chomping at the bit to get a cuddle with the new baby.

Postnatal depressions is nothing to be ashamed of– I wish I knew more about this, but to me post natal depression was something that happened to other people and would not affect me. Boy was I wrong. I knew after 3 weeks that what I had wasn’t just baby blues but kept putting it off, mainly because it felt like I had failed by admitting that things were not right. I would whole heartedly say if you feel like something is not right go to see your Dr, even just to chat, it helps I promise.

Time goes far to quickly – I can remember like it was yesterday Chloe being born and I can’t believe that in January she turns 3. Time really needs to slow down. Every morning when Chloe wakes up she seems to have grown a little more in her sleep, and I can feel that she is not going to be my baby for much longer. I want to take every opportunity to enjoy every moment with her and remember these important years.




I hope you have enjoyed reading.


5 thoughts on “10 Things Motherhood has taught me

  1. Fab post and so true!
    Love the face paint pic of you and little one 🙂 I act daft with my two boys all the time. Although If I let the eldest paint my face, i’d probably end up looking like Shrek! Hehe.

    Thanks for being part of #MMBC. Hope to see you next week xx

    Liked by 1 person

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