Pop Up Cinema Ilford Exchange **REVIEW**


Today me and Chloe went to take a look at the pop up cinema held in the Exchange shopping centre in Ilford. It is a free activity that is held on the last weekend of the month.

I don’t know what I was expecting, especially as it is a free event, but I was really surprised. Inside it is set out like a castle with stone wall paper and a big screen in the middle of the room. There was plenty of chairs for old and young, with the added touch of bean bags, which Chloe loved.

The set up was really great and there was lots of posters on the wall which were great for photos! They also had a red carpet for you to have your photo taken which they print it off for you free of charge.

The staff were lovely, they interacted really well with the kids, and were in costume and stayed in character the whole time.

There was also some arts and crafts laid out for the kids to do, they had the option to make a wand or a mask, and again this was all free of charge.

They have 2 showings on a day one at 11.30am and the next at 2.30pm. Today’s film was The Croods, it not one we have seen before, but I enjoyed it. Chloe stayed still for about an hour and then got a little restless.

I would defiantly recommend this, especially if you are thinking about taking your little one to the cinema for the first time.  As it was free I didn’t mind leaving half way through.We both enjoyed the “cinema” experience and Chloe is already saying that she wants to go back again!


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