3 day be positive challenge


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Day 1

Ok, so I have been asked by the lovely Mumma and co to join in with the 3 day positive challenge.

For day 1, my positive post is regarding work. Yes I know it is a strange one, but hear me out.

Now don’t get me wrong some days I would love to stay at home with Miss Chloe and go on adventures in the park, or spend the afternoons making cakes and painting. But I actually enjoy going to work!!

It makes me feel proud that I go to work full-time and I still mum like a super hero. It makes me feel good that I can afford to go out on day trips with Chloe and Mr D without having to watch the pennies. And I hope that Chloe will grow up proud that her mummy worked hard for her.

Yes I know that people may say that children don’t want your presents they want your presence, but if I can do both then why not. Doesn’t everyone want to provide the best for their children?

And on the plus side I get to drink copious amounts of HOT (yes hot!) tea and coffee and I don’t have to share my biscuits.




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