Day 2 -body positive


3 day be positive challenge


One thing that I hope to pass on to my daughter is to be happy with yourself.

I have struggled with my weight since my twenties and have gone from a size 8-10, to at my largest a size 22. And at the moment I am a size 16-18 and I am happy with this weight. Yes I could get down to a 14-16 but I am healthy and I am happy(ish), so why make myself miserable getting down a size?

I don’t want Chloe growing up concerned about her weight or what she looks like, I want her to be confident, something that I am not. I may come across confident but it is a front, really I am very shy especially when it comes to my appearance.

One of my biggest fears is going to the hair dressers and having to sit in front of a mirror and look at myself for an hour. I find it horrendous, to the point where I get anxious and almost talk myself out of going. Why? Why cant I be comfortable enough with myself?

Confidence is a great thing to have and I hope that Chloe grows up with it in abundance as it is something that I lack, and it makes me sad that I feel this way about myself at the age of 33. Why should it matter to me what other people think? Yes I am not slim, yes my nose is not perfect, yes my boobs are on the larger side, but you know what to Chloe and Mr D I am perfect and that is enough for me.


So, from now on I am going to love myself a little more, and not get hung up on my wobbly bits, or the bits I don’t like, and concentrate on the bits I do like, such as my slim legs and cracking rack!






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