Day 3- Friendship

3 day be positive challenge


Trying to maintain existing friendships is as you get older, but through having children in the mix and things become 100 times harder to maintain.

Most people will have a handful of what I would call real friends, they may be friends you have grown up with, people who started off as work colleagues and are now your best drinking buddy or new people you have met through a baby group.

And then there are Facebook friends. Who can say that they are friends with every single person on the friends list, I know I cant. But it is great for getting back in contact with old friends and making new friends.

So, for my final day of the 3 day positive challenge is to keep friendships alive. Make that call to your old friend and arrange a coffee date. Take people up on their invitation to meet up, what have you got to lose?

I know its scary, trust me I have just made the step myself reaching out to 2 old friends and arranged to meet up with them, and you know what I loved it!

We all need friends, we all need someone we can turn to when the we want to vent, or to be silly with, and I have found that as a mummy I  need friends more now than before.

Hope you have enjoyed my 3 days of positivity.

If you have enjoyed please share.




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