Lazy day

Today we are having a super lazy day, so lazy in fact that I am still in my Pj’s!

We had plans for today that involved getting dressed and going outside, but I woke up feeling rubbish with a headache from hell and like every ounce of energy had been sucked out of my body, so I had a little lay in until 9.

When I  got up Mr D had bathed Miss Chloe and put clean pj’s on her.

We have spent the day eating,playing and painting. I have been trying to convince Miss Chloe to have a nap but she really isn’t having any of it!

The rest of the day is going to involve more eating, maybe a film a quick dinner and early bedtime for me and Miss Chloe, however I somehow imagine Miss Chloe will have different ideas about the bedtime park.

Fingers crossed tomorrow I will have a bit more energy and not feel so blah, as much as I love a lazy day I do like to go out and about.

Hope you have all had a more productive day.




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