Easy peasy rocky road animal cakes


Miss Chloe is now at the age where we can do more things together, and one of our favourite things to do is make cakes. My cake making skills are limited. If it involves measuring and technical baking equipment then it is not for me! But cake mix in a box, rice crispy cakes and rocky road I can manage.

Here is my fail safe receipe for rocky road cakes:


  • Chocolate

  • Rich tea or digestive biscuits

  • Chrunchie

  • Maltesers

  • marshmallows



  • Melt Chocolate and allow to cool slightly

  • crush the biscuits, maltesers and crunchie, but not to small, you want some chunks

  • Mix the chocolates, biscuits and marshmallows in a bowl, and add the melted chocolate

  • Place mixture either in a shallow dish or in cookie cutters on a lined baking tray

  • place in fridge until set

Final step…….Enjoy!

Super fun and easy to make.

I’d love to know what cakes you and your little ones like to make.







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