Is it bedtime yet??????

After yesterday Chloe woke up much better, but I took the morning off work so I could keep an eye on her. It is safe to say whatever she had yesterday was just a 24 hour bug, as today she is on full form.

The morning started off relaxing, we had a nice bath together and put clean pyjamas on, and got some books out to read. She has her appetite back and requested a ham sandwich for breakfast.


Today marks our third day in, due to me being ill and Chloe yesterday, and we are both going a little batshit crazy, but I didn’t want to take her out and risk her getting ill again, so out come ALL the toys & books, but Chloe really didn’t know what she wanted to do. But she did know what she didn’t want to do, which was everything I suggested.

She has eaten non stop all day and has been into absolutely everything and is answering back like a stroppy teenager, for the last hour I have had “No” and “Don’t want to!” God help me when she is a teenager.

I am currently sitting with one eye on Coronation Street and the other on Chloe bringing every single toy out of her bedroom into the living room and trying not to cry.

All I can say is roll on work tomorrow!




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