Enjoying the last of the summer sun

This afternoon I had a date with my number one girl over the park to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine. We had planned to have a picnic over the park, but by the time I got home from work at lunchtime with the shopping I was a sweaty mess, so we had a carpet picnic before going out.

Off to the park we went. I very rarely use the pushchair now unless shopping, and Chloe loves to go to the park in her little car. As soon as we got to the park she wants to get out and push the car herself. We went to the play ground which was surprisingly quiet and Chloe went on the slide and swings. It was absolutely boiling out and I was worried about her getting to hot and bothered so with the promise of ice cream we get out of the playground without any major breakdowns.

Ice cream always taste nicer when the sun is shinning and if your Chloe when it is someone elses. We sat under a tree and enjoyed out ice cream and watched everyone going about their day. Chloe had more ice cream around her face then she ate.



After Ice cream Chloe had a final run around collecting sticks and feathers and trying to feed squirrels. I think she must have had a good time as n the way home she fell asleep in her car!!!! Which I am paying for now as she is still awake!


Hope you have all had a fab day in the sunshine.




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