Our week 19-25/9/2016

Here is a look back on our week.

What we wore

These are my favourite outfits from the week. The top in the picture on the left is one of the ones from my Aldi baby buys.  The outfit on the left is from Sainsburys which I picked up in the sale in the summer. My trainers are from Primark, I do love a sprinkle.

What we have been reading


Chloe is starting to enjoy sitting down and reading a story, these are the two bookd that we have been enjoying this week.

Where we have been

Today we went to the pop up cinema in our local shopping centre with a friend from school. We then went for a yummy lunch at Frankie and Bennys.

What we have been playing with

I have downloaded a new app on my phone and we have loved playing around with all the different faces. Chloe’s favourite is the scary clown!

What we have been buying

After lunch today we popped into H&M and got some new t-shirts for Chloe.Yesterday we went to the Aldi Baby Event.

What we have been watching

Me and Mr D are finally getting round to starting Game Of Thrones and we are addicted already. Chloe has been introduced to two classics this week as well.

Hope you have all had a fab week. I’d love to hear what you have all been up to.



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