Muffin pizza recipe

I thought letting Chloe help make her own dinner would make her want to eat it a little bit more, boy was I wrong.

I thought it would be a fun activity but she was more interested in filling her face with as much cheese as humanly possible!!!

This is a recipe from one of my old weaning books and use to be a favourite of Chloe’s when she was first eating “proper food”, however now she is a toddler what she does and doesn’t like changes on a daily basis.


  • Breakfast muffins

  • Tomato puree

  • cheese

  • toppings of your choice (I stupidly picked ham as Chloe liked it at lunch time in a sandwich but by dinner time, this was no longer the case)


Method (are you ready for these very complex instructions???)

  • cut open muffin

  • spread tomato puree

  • add toppings of your choice

  • put in over until golden brown

I know technical cooking right??? And if your lucky your little cherub will love it as much as Chloe did.

The pizza was soon disposed of (in mummy’s mouth) and she ate more cheese!



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