My favourite box sets

Like most people I love a good TV box set. There are so  many out there it is hard to know where to start.

Here are my favourite ones:

The Walking Dead


I was a little late getting on The Walking Dead band wagon, but soon caught up after binge watching season 1-4 in about 4 weeks! I absolutely loves it, and can’t wait for it to return in October.

The Vampire Diaries


I love anything about vampires. This has everything you could want, eye candy, love, gore, comedy, and the beautiful Damon and Stefan Salvatore.



I come across this one whilst on holiday, and was hooked straight away. I loved that there was a twist in every episode. But I must admit by Season 3 I was a little bored and felt it was just a little boring!

The Killing


This reminds me of being pregnant. I t was my guilt pleasure and would love climbing into bed to watch it. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this, especially with the subtitles, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this one.

American Horror Story


 I have loved every one of this, but the first one was my ultimate favourite. The new series has just started and so far so good.

The Fall


WOW. Jamie Dornan is amazing in this. He plays the part so well. And I have loved Gillian Anderson since The X Files. The 3rd Series starts on Thursday and I can’t wait.

The Following


This had me hooked straight away. I love programmes that keep you hooked and you have to watch the next one straight away. Series one and two were fab, but by series 3 it was a bit predictable and I must admit I didn’t continue watching.

The originals


This is a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries. It is a lot darker than The Vampire Diaries, but has just as much eye candy including the beautiful Klaus Mikaelson.

I’d love to hear what you are watching, and what box sets you would recommend.



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