Visit to V&A Childhood Museum

This morning we woke up with no plans at all which is very unlike us. I thought about going into town to go shopping but knew I would land up buying a load of stuff I didn’t really need, so I packed a picnic and me and Chloe jumped on the tube to the Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green.

Chloe loves being out and about and is so good on the tube. I think its good she gets use to busy places such as the tube at a young age, and now she doesn’t really use the push chair it is so much easier. The museum is literally a 5 minute walk from Bethnal Green tube station which was handy as when we arrived it was raining.

The museum had a Clangers and Bagpuss exhibition on, and Chloe has started watching the Clangers on Cbeebies so she was excited to see them.

I love this museum as it is a walk down memory lane looking at all the toys I use to play with when I was little. And there is lots of interactive stuff for children to play with like light shows,dressing up, toys to play with and a sandpit, which Chloe had to test out.

It was the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday morning, and what’s more it was free!

We finished out trip with a picnic in the café and a treat from the gift shop. I cant wait to go back and we might even let Mr D come next time.




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