Bedfords Park

Weekends for me are my favourite time, and as a working mum I try to make each weekend an adventure, without spending a fortune.

For today’s adventure we headed off to Bedfords Park which I had heard loads about from my brother who took my niece there. As I don’t drive  it was a 2 bus ride and a bloody long walk for us to get there. Luckily I had arranged to meet my brother and sister in law there as I got lost and my brother had to come and find me!

when we finally arrived I was not disappointed by what greeted me. It is absolutely stunning open space. Our first stop was to the visitors centre for a well earned cup of tea and biscuit.

Once I had recovered from the disatorous start and we made a quick pit stop at the gift shop to buy some country walk essentials ( a frisbe and gliders) we set of on our adventure. First stop was to play with the gliders which the girls loved playing with, its amazing that a cheap 50p toy keeps then more entertained then the more expensive ones.

Then it was on to see the wild deers and stag. When we got there they were all asleep but they soon woke up and come to say hello when someone come along with a big bag of carrots! Chloe was more interested in showing them her glider to be honest.


Next stop was on to the more forest/nature reserve part of the park for the girls to play with the frisbe, and for me and my sister in law to have a good chat while my brother was in charge of the kids. We had a lovely wander around the pond and through the fields. Chloe done so well walking all day, we left the house at 9.30am and the only time she stopped was when uncle Peter carried her on his shoulders.

As we come to the end of our day we stop at a little pond in the forest and took some lovely family pictures that are a really nice keepsake of our day and I may even get printed out.



After we said our goodbyes me and Chloe made our way home which I carried the Chloe the 40 miniutes back to the bus stop as he poor little feet were hurting from wearing he welly boots all day!

I am absolutely knackered now but have had a fab day all that was missing was Mr D!



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