Short Cut Childrens Salon – Romford Mothercare – *Review*

Chloe has needed her hair cut for a while and I  kept putting it off, as she has a full break down when I brush her hair, and I dreaded to think what she would be like with someone cutting her hair. Today however I decided to bite the bullet and book her an appointment.

I had seen that a new salon had opened up at the revamped Mothercare at Romford, and thought we would give it a whirl. I booked an appointment on-line. You can choose what sort of cut you want done, from a trim or a first cut package where your little one gets a certificate and you keep a lock of their hair. This is what we went for and I thought £15 was very reasonable.


When we arrived the lady there was really nice, and Chloe climbed straight up in to the racing car chair ready to watch Peppa Pig and be pampered! Chloe was really good throughout and sat still, and I was amazed as this morning I had to bribe her with a pot of Lucky Charm Cereal just to brush her hair.

The salon is super fun for kids, and if your little one is nervous about having their hair cut, or you for that matter I would recommend one of these kids salons. The one at Mothercare has only been open for 3 weeks and the lady said it has been busy everyday, so I would recommend booking especially on a Saturday.

I was really pleased with Chloe finished haircut and it has now been cut in to a style and her curls have new lease of life and look super curly. Chloe was happy as she got a lolly for being a super good girl.



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