Woodford fire station open day

As most of you may have realised I LOVE a free day out! Todays trip out was to Woodford’s fire station which had an open day, with our new friends (old school friend that has become a new mummy friend) and Chloe’s new bestie Henry.

The weather was a bit grim but we still had a good time. There was plenty to look around and for the kids to do. They were allowed to go inside the fire engines and play as well as sit in the front of the police car and put the sirens on. Boy did I have a headache by the time we left! They also had the old fashion police cars and fire engines.

And what is a day out without going on a bouncy castle and having your face painted? They also had some lovely guide dogs there which Chloe loved stroking, she would love to have a dog but with 2 cats its just not possible.


Inside the fire station they had some small stalls one of them was offering free smoke alarms if you lived in a rented property and if you owned your property you could arrange for them to come round and do a free inspection, and recommended if you have children they are around as they visit in the fire engine. There was also someone teaching how to do first aid which is great for everyone to learn especially children.

I think after all the excitement today this little tiger will sleep well! I know mummy tiger will.



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