Our week 3-9/9/2016

Here is a review of  our week, not a busy as previous weeks but still jam packed.

What we have been eating


Cake! It was Mr D’s birthday on Thursday so we had yummy birthday cake, and this morning we made Paw Patrol cakes.

What we have been wearing

I love this Batman top from H&M, she looks like a real rock chick in this little outfit. The Happy Happy Happy jumper was in the sale at Sainsbury (£4) and the jacket was from a little shop in Wanstead it is age 5, but fits Chloe perfectly!

What we have been doing

On Mr D’s birthday we took Chloe to get her hair cut at a new children’s salon that has just opened at the local Mothercare, she was so good and sat still the whole time. Yesterday we went to Woodford Fire Station open day with Chloe’s bestie Henry. Chloe had a great time on the bouncy castle and riding the fire engines, and of course face painting was involved.

What we have been watching

I finally got round to watching Gone Girl and I absolutely loved it! The twist at the end was great, if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it. Chloe has been watching You Tube, she loves watching cat videos!

So that was our week. Mr D is off tonight so I am in the middle of making a big roast dinner as we don’t usually get the chance to have one as Mr D works at the weekend, so I am going to make the most of it!




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