5UNDER £5 – Halloween goodies

I love Halloween nearly as much as I love Halloween, and today I went shopping at my local Pound Shop to see what goodies I could find, because as you know I LOVE a bargain.

Tinsel Skull

Skulls and tinsel its like a marriage made in heaven.


Projector with x4 covers

Chloe loved playing with these this afternoon, and so did I!

 Light up Owl and Spider

These are great for £1 each, only down side is each time I touch the owl I am covered in bloody black glitter. Chloe said they are scary.


Pumpkin carving kit

I can’t wait to use this. I have never carved a pumpkin, and now Chloe is at the age she will enjoy it I cant wait. Last year I wimped out and just brought 2 mini pumpkins and drew on them with a sharpie pen!


Skull tinsel garland

It’s like Christmas having tinsel out, and it is bloody lush!


I have decorated the living room and I cant wait to see Chloe’s face in the morning when she wakes up. All that is needed now is some fairy lights and I’m all set.







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